portable standing desk perfect for laptops
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Height adjustable standing desk for desktop and laptop
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portable standing desk for home and office; wooden standing desk perfect for laptops and desktops
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Give your laptop the legs it deserves with Humbleworks' ergonomic wood Mac laptop stand. The perfect companion for the Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air; this piece is portable, light, eco-friendly and built with your well-being in mind.
Mac laptop stand
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PC Laptop stand
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Laptop riser
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How does Standing up improve Your Well-being?

Standing helps your heart

Standing up increases your metabolism compared to sitting down. As a result, standing improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Standing improves posture

By stretching your legs and standing up, you can help prevent upper and lower cross syndrome which leads to shoulder strain and tensions headaches. Standing can also strengthen your core and tighten up those glutes!

Standing increases productivity

Studies suggest that standing while at work improves your productivity by up to 10%. When standing up, your brain receives more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that floods your thought organ with mood-boosting chemicals.