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Our standing desk have reached all corners of the globe!


Spreading the word of the benefits of embracing wellbeing at work has been fruitful!

We have now a big community of companies using Humbleworks standing desks.


Now more companies and individuals are looking for ways to improve wellbeing at work.


We are happy to see that through the design and manufacture of our products we have helped people and companies embrace wellbeing at work where they spent the greatest part of their day. 


The core function of all of our designs is to promote good posture, ergonomics and wellbeing.


Therefore,we are here to encourage and support those who are taking a step forward in improving health and wellbeing at the office.


You will find our standing desks in places such as co-working spaces, fin-tech companies, governmental institutions, start ups, design and advertising agencies and many other places.


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companies embracing wellbeing at work

Great product.

“Great product, arrived as promoted, there are some hiccup on the shipping but everything ended well. Really helpful for people that are trying to be a bit healthier rather than just sitting in the office for 8 hours straight. Also, the price is very reasonable. Great job guys!”

Hendro Tan Managing Director at Big Dish (Indonesia) Stan 1 Standing Desk

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