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Does your company care about your wellbeing at work?

Does your company care about your well-being at work?

Companies now understand the importance in contributing to employees’ wellbeing at work. More precisely, they are now putting attention to health hazards mainly caused by poor posture at work.

Not only companies are raising awareness about this issue but also employees themselves.  Due to the amount of hours spent at the office, employees are demanding more comfortable and ergonomic furniture.





“As the trend for wellbeing in the workplace gains

traction, brands are realising the intrinsic link between    

a happy workforce and a happy custome”   


  Marketing Week

Physical and mental well-being at work.



“The evidence of the link, and mutually reinforcing

relationship, between good well-being practices 

 and better employee engagement is growing”.


 – CIP (Chartered Institute of  Personnel and Development)

This past year the number of companies taking deeper care of their staff physical and mental wellbeing has incresed all over the world.

Companies know that what makes their companies roll is the human capital. Therefore is worth taking care of it and investing on their wellbeing.

Implementing a wellbeing programme at your office requires planning, budget and resources but can be achieved step by step and with small actions at the time.

For example, Google has nap pods for their employees; British Airways has staff allotment in their HQs; Rolls Royce is investing (in various ways) on its staff’s emotional wellbeing with counselling services,…

It has now been proved that the happier the staff is, the happier and better they’ll do their job, a part from also transmitting careness for the brand to your customers.             Make sense, no?


So, keep your staff happy and healthy by investing on them!

Here are some ways to improve your team’s wellbeing at work

Promote sports and physical activities:

 Promote sports at the office, create football tournaments once a week; offer free meditation, dance lessons or yoga classes; subsidized gym membership, maybe?


 Promote healthy eating: 

 If you are already offering food at the office try to make a healthier menu including fruits, vegetables, natural juices or cereals.


Promote mental well-being:

 Offer access to different tools for time and task management.

Not only tell them you care, but show show them too! offer counselling services, motivational talks, pets at the office, day care for working mums,..


 Promote physical well-being:

Offer them the option of working standing up using ergonomic furniture such as standing desks.

Note to all CEOs, founders and GMs

In the same way you take care of your business and your customers, take care of all that people that make your company work!

Get them up! Stand them up!


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